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The Story of The Raft

Our story... 

Chris and Andy have grown up in the local area, being keen water lovers we wanted to create something unique to benefit both local residents and visitors with minimal impact on the environment .

We created the Raft… A completely carbon neutral concept, powered by the sun. No generator, no noise, no fumes. The vehicle is the first of it’s kind anywhere in the UK, created specifically for this spot with the help of experts from all over the country. The solar panels have been cleverly positioned to absorb maximum solar draw through the day, the energy is stored in batteries positioned in the rear of the vehicle. A computer system constantly monitors each appliance and delivers power in the most economical way ensuring everything is kept at the optimum temperatures.

The vehicle has a Full commercial oven for tasty pastries, 3 fridges, 2 freezers, an urn, warm and cold display units, and a very tasty coffee machine.


The wrap design is was created by Foxhall Studios who took the skyline from where you are stood and created this stylised version. If you take a look at the drivers side facing the beach you can see the whole skyline incorporating Tennyson Head, The Needles, Christchurch bay, Hengistbury Head, ‘The Run’ and Christchurch/Mudeford Harbour. 


But the vehicle is only half of the story. We’ve stocked up with the tastiest most environmentally friendly menu we can find.

Our coffee, known as ‘Steamer Point Coffee’ is our own blend,  it comes from a local roastery, ensuring their beans are responsibility sourced directly from the farms and mills. The waste product from the roasting process known as ‘chaff’ is used as mulch at their own allotment to grow a variety of vegetables. Their factory is also powered largely by solar.   In turn, our left over coffee grinds are gifted to a farm near Lymington who use them as fertiliser. The cups and lids you drink from are completely compostable. We make the sleeves ourselves using a stamp created in Highcliffe to avoid factory processes involved in printing.


We believe that our tea should not only taste good but be good for the planet too. That's why we source our tea from a carbon neutral supplier; their factory encompasses 460 solar panels. This solar energy is capable of generating all the clean renewable electricity for their onsite operations. Their tea bags are made with a newly developed plant-based tissue which is entirely free from oil based plastic and is 100% compostable. Check out our range of teas on the shelf above the coffee machine.


Our ice cream is from Jude’s, a carbon negative company based in Hampshire which ensures we are sourcing locally and reducing our carbon footprint. Jude’s work with top chefs around the country, designing new flavours for their menus and have won over 90 great taste awards. Jude’s supply a range of favourites as well as take-home tubs in plant based, dairy and lower calorie flavours. 


We have sampled over 20 flavours of Jude’s ice cream which gave us a great opportunity to compare dairy v’s non-dairy options and sorbets. We even sampled their dog ice cream. From this we have selected the best 12 flavours, and of course we always have the dog ice cream in stock too! In addition to these we stock a wide range of their vegan/plant-based options too which have a 40% lower carbon footprint than dairy.


Our used, the empty tubs are recycled however if you would like one please ask a member of staff. We are happy to give away our coffee grinds too if you have an allotment or a garden in need of

a little help!

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Located between Avon Beach and Mudeford Quay!  

One of the jewel in the crown of the south coast! Located between mudeford quay and Avon beach we are easy to find! The walk way that links the beach is known locally as Gundimore Promanade!  

Carbon Neutral Refreshments Powered by the Sun

Trees From Above

We know how much a dog is worth, that's why you'll always find special Judes Ice Cream for Dogs on our menu alongside a toped up dog bowl of fresh water!  

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